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Projects with Partners


Chibombo district is one of the beneficiary districts implementing the strengthening climate resilience in the Kafue sub basin project funded by Africa Development Bank. The project is being implemented in three wards namely; Katuba in Katuba Constituency, Chikobo and Chitanda Wards in Keembe Constituency.

The list below shows the types of projects and respective quantities;

  1. Construction of Goat Houses and Dip Tanks (12)
  2. Construction of Poultry Houses (15)
  3. Sitting, Drilling and installation of 10,000L tank, tank stand and solar powered submersible pump.(45)
  4. Sitting, drilling and equipping of India mark II hand pumps.(21)
  5. Banana growing (Plantation) (1)
  6. Bee Keeping (1)