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The Council intends to be a Local Authority that will deliver efficient and effective services as well as provide policy guidance to the residents and various institutions in Chibombo. Further, the Local Authority intends to promote accountability and transparency in the management and utilization of resources; all this is in line with the Decentralization Policy. In this regard, the Local Authority, intends to operate effectively in line with Global, Regional and National Policies.

The council has five departments which provides different services to the community of Chibombo, the departments are; Human Resource and Administration, Planning, Works, Finance and Institutional Management. These are key departments in the developing of Chibombo district.

The Services offered by Chibombo Town Council

  • Maintenance and construction of roads
  • Maintenance of markets/construction of markets
  • Provision of housing services
  • Provision of street lighting
  • Facilitate maintenance of law and order
  • Facilitation of management of environment
  • Administration of licensing requirements
  • Formulation and enforcing by-laws
  • Management of solid waste
  • Administration of burial permit and marriage certificates
  • Control of domestic animals

Services Provided in Collaboration with Public Institutions

(a) Policy Guidance

(b) Management of district infrastructure

(c) Co-ordination and approval of socio-economic

programmes and projects

(d) Provision of water and sanitation facilities

(e) Administration of land and fire services

(f) Approval of building plans and development control

Services Provided in Collaboration with Private Sector

(a) Provision of markets

(b) Management of trading Permits

(c) Alienation of land

(d) Road construction and rehabilitation

(e) Policy Guidance