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Functions of Finance Department

Department Of Finance


  • Revenue

Oversees effectively and efficiently the collection of all revenues due to the Council in order to finance Council’s operations.

  • Expenditure

Oversees effectively the monitoring of expenditure in order to ensure compliance with Council’s budget.

  • Financial Reports

Oversees the timely production of financial reports for both internal and external users in order to facilitate decision making.

  • Commercial Ventures

Oversees effectively the operations of commercial ventures and investments in order to maximize their profitability and broadening the Council’s revenue base

  • Payroll Management

Oversees effectively the management of the payroll in order to ensure that expenditure on personal emoluments is accurate and contained within the budget limits

  • Performance Management

Oversees and manages effectively the implementation of performance management system in order to improve and sustain performance

  • Management

Oversees and manages the human, financial and material resources to enhance the operations of the Department.