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Human Resource and Administration Department

    • Public Relations

    Oversees the management of the public relations function to ensure effective communication of information between the council and the public.

    • Administrative and Support Services

    Oversees timely the provision of legal, administrative and logistical support services in order to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of services.

    • Transport Management

    Manages effectively and the availability of the transport in order to facilitate mobility of staff, and transportation of materials and equipment.

    • Human Resource Management and Development

    Oversees and manages effectively the human resource management and development functions in order to optimize utilization of human resource and enhance staff performance.

    • Secretarial Services

    Manages timely the provision of secretarial services in order to ensure smooth operations of the Council.

    • Records Management

    Manages efficiently and effectively storage and retrieval of records in order to provide information for decision making.

    • Office Accommodation

    Ensures timely provision of the office space for officers in order to create a conducive work environment.

    • Office supplies

    Coordinates effectively the provision of the stationery and equipment to staff in order to enhance smooth operations.

    • Institutional Cleanliness

    Manages efficiently and effectively the overall cleanliness of the institution in order to provide a conducive work environment.

    • Performance Management

    Oversees and manages effectively the implementation of performance management system in order to deliver quality services

    • Management

    Manages the human, financial and material resources in order to enhance the operations of the department.

    n order to enhance the operations of the unit