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Department of Works

Main Functions

Manages Engineering works in order to construct and maintain public infrastructure.


  • Fire Services

Oversees effectively the provision of fire services to the City Council in order to prevent loss of life and destruction of property by fire.

  • Parks and Gardens

Coordinates efficiently the creation and maintenance of parks and gardens in order in order to provide recreational facilities and beautify the city.

  • Mechanical Workshop

Oversees efficiently the operations of the mechanical workshop in order to ensure the repair and maintenance of the council’s fleet of vehicles and machinery.

  • Electrical

Oversees efficiently the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in the City road network and general council infrastructure in order to facilitate the operations and safety of the public.

  • Roads and Drainage

Oversees efficiently the construction and maintenance of roads and drainage in order to facilitate movement of people and goods and increase the lifespan of the roads.

  • Buildings Maintenance

Oversees efficiently the maintenance of Municipal buildings in order to ensure safety of buildings and prolong their lifespan.

  • Quantity Survey

Oversees the Quantifying process and General Procurement of Projects in order to create value for Money.

  • Architectural

Oversees effectively the provision of architectural services in order to ensure adherence to architectural standards and design of Municipal buildings.