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Department Of Planning

The Department of Planning and Information System

Departmental Objective: To initiate and facilitate the physical and socio-economic development of the town.

Functions of the Department:


To coordinate environmental and socio-economic planning in order to attain coordinated development in the District


  • Environmental Mainstreaming

Ensures effectively the mainstreaming of environmental concerns in the District plans and programmes in order to enhance sustainable development.

  • Socio-Economic Planning

Coordinates effectively socio-economic planning in order to enhance implementation of District development plans and programmes.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Coordinates effectively the monitoring and evaluation of District development programmes in order to facilitate implementation of appropriate interventions.

  • Physical Planning

Coordinates effectively land use planning in order to achieve coordinated development and aesthetically acceptable local environment.

  • Survey

Coordinates effectively the determination and re-establishment of property boundaries in order to guide land ownership limits.

  • Building Inspectorate

Coordinates effectively the enforcement of relevant laws by the buildings inspectorate in order to ensure compliance with building standards and regulations

  • Performance management

Manages effectively the implementation of performance management system in order to improve and sustain performance.

  • Management

Manages the human, financial and material resources to enhance the operations of the section.