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Government to formulate policy for fire service

Government has projected increased investor and community confidence in the fire and rescue services industry when a national fire and rescue service policy is formulated.

Local government Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga said the fire and rescue sector has faced a lot of challenges due to lack of a policy.

Mr .Malupenga said once the policy is in place it will give the fire and rescue sector the mandate to effectively and efficiently operate as an organised industry.

“the fire and rescue service is operating without guidelines to give it legitimate purpose and action as an organised service, Government is keen in ensuring that the policy is developed before the end of the year. He said.

Mr .Malupenga said at the validation conference on the development of the national draft fire and rescue services policy.

He said the fire sector has been neglected for a long time and formulating a policy will bring regulation to the industry.

Since the establishment of the fire and rescue services in the country in the 1950s, it has been operating without a policy.

“it’s like establishing a nation without a constitution or setting up a political party without a manifesto. Every direction you take will be correct”, Mr. Malupenga said.

And Zambia Institute for Policy and Analysis and research executive’s director Pamela Kabaso said good risk management is essential for effective firefighting.

“prevention is better than cure. We have been targeting our resources at extinguishing fires instead of preventing them. We need a fire safe environment: Dr Kasabo said.

she said fire outbreaks result in serious financial costs and sometimes loss of life.

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